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Why Get Garage Keyless Entry: Five Great Reasons to Have a Security Keypad

by Specialty Door Service on 12/06/16

Garage door companies like ours list "security" as an important aspect and even benefit of having a good and properly operating garage door. Your garage door is a very large gateway to your home, so you cannot afford to have it stuck open when it is broken, have a hole that would allow access to strangers, or have it not lock or shut fully. Some garage doors lock with a standard key, and also, many people have automatic garage door openers----which we highly recommend. Specialty Door though, often recommends an even more advanced step for both security and for ultimate convenience: Get a keyless entry system with a security keypad!

A keypad ads an extra layer of security to your home (not just your garage), and are also very applicable to businesses and their garage door access needs. Here are FIVE great reasons for you to get a keyless entry system and how you can make the most of your investment.

Reason #1: No Keys and No Lockouts
If you already have an automatic door with remotes (usually kept in your car), then you know that it's nice NOT to use an actual key on your keyring anymore. It's also important for security reasons that you won't have to worry about losing them or having them fall into the wrong hands. In fact, keyless entry number pads have decreased home lockouts by as much as 60%, because you only have to know your security code pin to regain entry to your house. Know your code, and no other keys are necessary.

Reason #2: Lost your garage door remote? No worries.
So, we just got done saying that you don't have to keep track of keys anymore, but you might have to keep track of remotes still. If you happen to misplace a remote, or if the battery stops working, you can still gain access to your garage---It does require the inconvenience of stepping out of your car, though. So, make sure you find or add batteries to that remote, post-haste!

Reason #3: Allow Access to Family or Professional Services Without Making Keys
In the good ol' days you had to have extra keys made if a family member or a cleaning person needed regular access to your home. Instead, you have the option of giving them access through your garage door, by giving them the code for the security keypad. This is much better for the house-sitter, babysitter, or friend dropping by to pick something up when you can't get home in time. In fact, many of the newer models of keyless entry systems have a "guest code" option that you can set up and have a separate code expire after a set time. Whether you have this option or not, you should change your main code periodically as a general habit.

Reason #4: Change Your Code Anytime You Need To
If you've ever given out a key to your home to someone you wish you hadn't, or had a set of keys stolen, then you know that the safe call is changing the locks. But, if you've shared your security pad code with a house cleaner you no longer use, or a relative that you no longer want to grant access to, you don't have to do anything that costly. Simply change your code at a moment's notice. Once again, you should also get in the habit of setting up a new code every 3-6 months as a safety routine, just in case the number falls into the wrong hands.

Reason #5: Wireless Connection
These keypads can be installed anywhere that it is convenient for you. This isn't necessarily a reason to GET a security keypad, but a point about how unobtrusive the installation is. There aren't wires that you have to be concerned with. It's a remote code that communicates directly with the garage door opener. Also, ask about the ability to blend the color in with your home's paint scheme. The opener and cover can be matched to become nearly invisible, so as to not hurt the "curb appeal" and look of your home.

The technology is available and rather affordable. Get your keypad and get a convenient and secure option for access to your home. If you live in the Seattle, Lynnwood, or Everett areas, call on Specialty Door for all of your garage door needs, and security keypad questions!

Garage Door Replacement Adds to Your Curb Appeal and Resale Value

by Specialty Door Service on 07/27/16

Looking to improve the look of your home? Are you thinking about putting your house on the market in 2016 or 2017? Then you may want to investigate some of the many ways you can improve your housing structure and appearance that will make you some big bucks. When you are looking to increase your home value or the curb appeal of your house, you may consider a garage door replacement. Since your garage door can represent a large section of the front of the house it is usually a significant contributor to the initial impression your home makes to a prospective buyer. We are referring to the all-important "curb appeal" factor.

When you replace your garage door you will immediately get a return on your investment through the improved look of your home and it can also give you a monetary return by helping your house to appraise or sell for more money than you even spent on the door. Also, a new garage door can increase energy efficiency and functionality which adds additional value to your home. Getting a new garage door is an easy improvement that does not take much planning or preparation- as a new garage door installation can be quickly scheduled and installed by a professional.

Have you thought about replacing your garage door with one that will not only go with your current house style but one that will get noticed (in a good way)? When you are ready for a new garage door there are so many options to consider. Some things to think about is how you would like your door to compliment your home’s style, and if you would like window details that match your house’s windows.  

Be sure to investigate all of your garage door options--wood materials, frosted glass, or even carriage doors, which actually operate differently. Plus, you can add to convenience with a more efficient and quiet garage door opener, and add to the home's security by adding a coded key pad. There are so many options out there that could add to the way your house presents. 

At Specialty Door Service we know garage doors. We are knowledgeable on all the latest styles and brands that you may want to consider when making your garage door purchase. When you call us we will partner with you to help select the best fit for your style, what works with your home, and budget- with an eye on your maximum return on investment.  If you have any additional questions about the benefits of upgrading your garage door or specific garage door styles? Give us a call!  Thank you for reading our blog.

Replacing Your Garage Door: Signs that it's time for a new one.

by Specialty Door Service on 04/01/16

A safe, attractive, functioning garage door can add greatly to your home’s overall value and provides a significant return on any replacement or maintenance investment. Along the same lines a malfunctioning door does not only present safety hazards but could become a detraction for your house. Have you been wondering if it is time to replace your older garage door with a newer model? When you own a home with an aged door it may not be clear as to when it becomes necessary to replace it- so we have listed a five signs below that indicate it may be time for a newer model.

Garage Door Replacement

1) Your garage door brakes down regularly. When your garage door becomes unreliable and you have to repeatedly make service calls it may be time to get a new door. As the door ages and wares, just like a car or other electronics, parts breakdown and need to be replaced—but when you notice that this happens frequently you will save yourself money in the long run by replacing the whole unit.

2) The door is functioning slowly or hesitates. Your door is set up to start functioning as soon as you hit the button- a slow response time usually means a problem with the door system. In addition if the door functions unreliably or if it suddenly goes down then it can create a dangerous situation that can lead to injury.

3) You notice that the door is making extra noises or shakes as it goes up or down. The garage door for your residence is meant to run smoothly, efficiently and quietly and if that is not happening then something is wrong.

4) You are ready to update your door’s safety or energy efficiency. Modern garage doors have used the latest safety measures to protect against possible dangers and also maintain the security of your home. Later model garage doors are also well insulated and are designed to effectively keep out the weather.

5) The garage door looks unattractive or has damage. The look of a garage door in conjunction to the house can really add or detract from your property value. If your door looks dated or is detracting from your homes style or appeal you may want to look at replacing the door. Also if you notice damage to the door or broken parts or wires you may be looking at a security risk that you will want to get taken care of promptly.

Still have questions about your garage door? Just give Specialty Door a call; we are the local (Seattle, Everett, Bellevue areas) experts – proud to be locally owned and family operated since 1987. We know the area and its garage doors; with 7 days a week, 24 hour service we are ready to help you out today.

Garage Door Winterizing? Yeah, it's a thing.

by Specialty Door Service on 10/19/15

As the Fall season quickly changes to look more like Winter, it is time to make sure your home is ready for the cold weather. Winterizing your house is an important task to complete BEFORE adverse weather conditions set in. You would look to do things like insulating/wrapping your spigots, checking your outside doors, and possibly covering your windows. Another important (but often forgotten) part of winterizing your house is ensuring your garage door is ready to keep out the cold temperatures. Your garage door is a barrier to the elements and should be an integral part of your yearly winterizing. Below are five ways to and make sure your door is ready for the tough conditions that the winter months can bring.

1) Inspect your garage door for damage. Look for places where the door may be cracked or letting in air. If you can see any gaps between the panels then your door is not insulated properly and can let in the cold air. Also look on the sides of the door for cracks that can let in the cold as well.

2) Run your garage door to ensure that it is working properly- and continue to use it on a regular basis. Consistent use of the door will keep your garage door functioning throughout the winter and prevent the door from freezing shut. 

3) Examine your door’s drive track. Make sure all the components of the track are in good condition and that there is nothing in the track that will obstruct the opening of the door.

4) Check out the weather stripping on the bottom of the garage door. This rubber strip should be on every door and should be replaced or repaired if it looks cracked, worn or is letting any air into your garage.

5) Replace batteries in your system that are leaking or corroded. Since cold weather can extrapolate any corrosion damage make sure that everything is replaced and ready to go before the temperatures drop.

During these winterizing checks of your garage door, if you see any need for repair or maintenance, you'll want to get your door repaired by a professional garage door company. Professionals are trained to do the job safely and correctly. At Specialty Door, we have been proudly serving Seattle, Everett, and Greater Eastside areas for decades and are always ready to help with any garage door situation- large or small. If you have any garage door weathering questions give us a call today!

Garage Door Safety Tips: 4 tips to avoid hazards

by Specialty Door Service on 06/01/15

Garage doors are a significant part of any house or business because they add convenience, security and style. Garage doors are actually complex systems that in addition to being very heavy they can have about 300 moving parts and pieces. When you have a garage door for your house or business it is extremely important to take every precaution to ensure that you, your family and everyone else remain safe and your door does not become a hazard. Below are a few tips to help avoid possible dangers.

Tip 1: Keep children from playing with the door and away from the garage door operating system. Garage doors with all of their components are not toys. Letting a child play with a door opener could lead to the door being closed on someone. It is advised to mount door opener buttons high so that young children cannot push the button. Allowing a child to play with the actual garage door could lead to broken parts and a malfunction of the door. It is vital to be aware of children when they are around commercial or residential garage doors and to prevent any sort of horseplay with or around this heavy component. 

Tip 2: Keep your garage door on a regular maintenance schedule. This will ensure that none of the components of your door are broken, loose or presenting any type of hazard. Automatic garage doors use electricity and can present shock hazards if not properly maintained. Professional technicians will be able to test your door and replace any parts that are worn or may end up being unsafe. This type of maintenance ensures that your residential or commercial garage door will continue to function properly. 

Tip 3: Stay clear of an opening or closing garage door. This includes adults, children, animals or objects. Opening or closing sections of the garage door could entrap sections of clothing, or body parts such as fingers. Also if the door malfunctions while moving it may fall and injure whomever or whatever is in its vicinity. 

Tip 4: Never attempt to repair or replace your own cables or springs. Your garage door is on a tension system and should be repaired by a certified technician. Broken cables or springs could mean that your heavy door is not properly supported. Broken springs could also fly off their mounts if not properly released. These springs are under such tension that they can cause serious injury.

If you think that you have broken springs or cables proceed with caution and call a professional. If you are experiencing any garage door issue, and would like to set up a regular maintenance schedule or if you have any questions about how to take additional garage door safety precautions give Specialty Door a call. We have been locally owned and family operated since 1987 and we are proud to provide professional, affordable service.

Garage Door Malufunctions: Typical Problems and Parts Failures

by Specialty Door Service on 03/20/15

Are you having a problem with the biggest, heaviest door in your household? Garage door systems have an INSANE number of components (about 300 moving parts and pieces). Any of these parts could be causing the garage door issue that you are experiencing. Below is a list of the possible culprits to your garage door problems and some tips on how to proceed, diagnose, or avoid the issue.

· Broken springs - If your garage door is not working at all opening or closing you may have a spring problem. Both the torsion and the extension springs can ware over time due to metal fatigue. When a spring breaks it is important to call a professional because the springs will also need to be properly released to ensure that the springs do not fly off their mounts. To help diagnose a spring issue before it breaks you can conduct a visual inspection of the springs every month and look for wear and tear. Also if you have your garage door on a yearly maintenance schedule the technician can verify that the springs are lubricated and the spring tension is properly adjusted. 

· Malfunctioning garage door opener or remote - If you find that your garage door is not closing or reverses during the close it may be due to the garage door opener or remote. An opener could be either an electrical or a mechanical problem. To try and identify the issue check out the safety sensor and make sure that it is not being impeded in any way. You can also look at the circuit breaker and the indicator lights. A blinking light would be a sign that something is wrong. Also you can check the batteries on your remote control.

· Broken cables - Cables usually break one at a time- and you may be able to visually see if a cable is not working or worn. If your garage door looks unbalanced or you can see that it is no longer on the pulley system you may be having trouble with broken cables. When dealing with broken cables be very careful and proceed with caution- this is an indicator that the heavy door may not be properly supported. Yearly maintenance may also be able to diagnose and replace cable issues before it shuts down your garage door system and causes more costly repairs.

· Roller problems - If you notice that your garage door is noisier than usual or if your garage door is not opening smoothly your issue may be with your rollers. Over time, rollers can break or become bent which could cause your garage door to become loud or the door to open choppily. If this is the case then you will either need to have your rollers lubricated or replaced altogether. Never remove all the rollers at one time as this may cause the garage door to be unsupported. Due to the weight and pressure of a garage door it is dangerous if not properly handled and repaired. If a door becomes misaligned it can disconnect and rapidly shut. 

If your door is in need of repair it is safest to get it done quickly and correctly. Of course, we recommend that you call on a professional repair and install company for all garage door repair needs, but we know some folks are going to try.  We hope will be safe and make sure you know what you are doing. If you have any questions regarding your particular garage door problem or if you are in need of regular maintenance or repair give us a call today!  

(Specialty Door proudly provides garage door repair Lynnwood, Edmonds, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, and Issaquah can depend on. We provide both commercial AND residential garage door repair.)

Garage Door Installation Should Be Left to the Professionals

by Specialty Door Service on 12/01/14

These days as a homeowner, you have so many resources right at your fingertips when you want to find out how to "do it yourself". If you're handy and study up, you can definitely handle a number of repairs and remodels around the house, and even handle some repairs with your vehicles and appliances as well. When it comes to installing and repairing your garage door, though, most folks are going to want to call a professional for three reasons: Risk of Injury, Precision (proper installation), and Time-savings.

It seems reasonable to try installing a garage door yourself, but the risk of injury is much higher than most home projects. Installing a garage door is dangerous, because of the extreme spring tension involved. These are some heavy duty springs we are talking about. Many novices have been seriously injured or even killed by garage door accidents. 

The weight of the door is another major risk. Some garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds. If a door were to fall during the installation process, it could lead to a major injury or worse. That said, if you're confident in your ability to stay safe, it isn't necessarily impossible to tackle. 

Precision is another concern though. How you calibrate your door is a pretty delicate thing. It makes the difference in just how long your door and components, such as springs, will last before another repair. A professional installer is going to have the experience and expertise to get the door accurately set up with much less guess-work than the novice will be doing.

If you still think you can get it done safely and get it installed with some degree of accuracy, then you still have to realize that it's a time consuming job for anyone doing it for the first, second, or even fifth time.  It can, and usually will, be an all-day project for the DIY homeowner, while a professional will have it done in an hour or two in most cases. 

You may ask, what about garage door repairs? If we're talking only a garage door repair or spring replacement, it really isn't any different in level of concern. To this equation you have to add proper diagnosis, which always takes a lot more expertise than installation does. You don't want to spend the time fixing the wrong thing----that's the most costly mistake of all!

Now, please think about it this way. One of our installers here at Specialty Door Service can have your installation or repair completed accurately, safely, and in a relatively short amount of time. Trust us, it's worth the cost.

With all of these concerns covered with one call, it's like we said before: Garage door work should probably be left to the pros.

(For Repair or new Garage Doors in Lynnwood, Edmonds WA, Mill Creek, Bothell, Everett, and surrounding areas, we're ready to work for you. Call Specialty Door Service for a new door or door repair service 24 hours a day!)

Hooray, our Brand New Blog is Here!

by Specialty Door Service on 10/31/14

So, here we are, ready to dive in and start an official blog for our thriving company. Please, check back as we will be posting our first FULL, informative article VERY soon. We have a lot that we can share with the many years of experience in garage door service and installations. All of us at Specialty Door thank you for reading here and we're excited that you may find a few tips that make you a better customer.  If you have any suggestions or questions, you may use the contact form on this page to pass it along to us. Thanks for reading!

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