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West Seattle Garage Door Repair
garage door repair in West Seattle
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garage door repair in West Seattle
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Family Owned, Serving King & Snohomish County Since 1987
Specialty Door Service has on-going training and extensive knowledge of new products. We have the ability to repair garage doors both new and old. Looking to keep your garage door running smoothly? We can help! Searching for some new technology? We will show you the latest door styles and operating features. We'd also recommend our regular maintenance schedule that will save your money by preventing the big, costly garage door repairs. Enrollment is FREE and the benefits start right away.
Specialty Door is locally owned and family operated- ready to assist you.  We have the trucks and repair professionals to your site quickly and fix your door right away. With a focus on being quick, effective, and affordable; we have many parts in stock to fix your door on the spot. Call us today to schedule your repair or service appointment with our experienced professionals! We even are proud to provide 24-hour service, so that you don't have to wait and compromise your security. It's the superior garage door repair West Seattle businesses and homes have been able to count on since 1987.
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West Seattle Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair West Seattle
One of the most common garage door repairs are broken torsion springs. Because of the pressure of your garage door system - your springs will need to be replaced every 8 to 10 years. Also when you get new springs you need to make sure that your garage door systems gets calibrated correctly so you will want this completed by a professional like Specialty Door Service.  If spring replacements aren't handled properly, it can lead to another failure and costly repairs as well as safety hazards. Specialty Door Service's repair technicians can provide the expert repairs your need utilizing three decades of experience.
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